New Stevia Treatment for Lyme Disease!

2019-03-22  Still no symptoms & feeling 100% well – after 14 months.

Scheuneman Protocol for Lyme Disease – 2nd Edition | PDF version

a 1-page procedure using Stevia Leaf Extract
for treating Lyme Disease
developed from

Scheuneman Experience with Lyme Disease – 2nd Edition| PDF version

Both documents above are based on personal testing and documents (1) to (4). Items (5) to (7) give further info.

(1) German guidelines: Web | PDF
(2) Dr. Burrascano guidelines: Web | PDF
(3) Article summarizing Stevia Leaf extract paper: Web | PDF
(4) Research paper testing Stevia Leaf extracts: Web | PDF
(5) Self-Testing and 1-Person Results PDF
(6) Scheuneman Newspaper Article 2018-05-28: Web | PDF
(7) Tim Snyder Experience PDF